Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets

05/03/2022 | Archive

Digital wallet’s popularity has been growing for years and saw a surge during the pandemic as consumers sought touch free ways to pay. And since nearly everyone is carrying their mobile device everywhere, combining your physical cards into your digital wallet allows you to carry less and pay easily.

Devices and Their Digital Wallets
Depending on your device, you may already be using either Apple Pay®, Garmin Pay or Samsung Pay®. But there are digital wallet app alternatives, such as Google Pay, if you haven’t already set up a wallet in your device.

Not all merchants are equipped to accept digital wallets, so you’ll still need to carry a backup payment method.

Are Digital Wallets Safe?
From a data perspective, digital wallets use a process called tokenization which randomizes your credit card data into a string of numbers and letters. In the event of a data breach at a merchant, a potential hacker would only gain access to the token for that transaction and not your actual card information making for a safer experience.

Environmentally, you’re not handing over your card or using the touchpad of a machine. Contactless payments have a higher level of sanitation and less chance of transmission.

Add Your Apple FCU Visa® Credit or Debit Card
When you add your Apple FCU Visa Cards to your digital wallet, you’ll have us with you everywhere you go. Launch your digital wallet and add your Apple Visa Cards now!