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AI at the Core

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A Message from Chief Information Officer, John Wyatt.

Technology changes at a rapid pace. I recently attended a global conference focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about new product offerings that aim to harness the power of AI.

You've probably heard the term ChatGPT in the news. People are using Generative AI like ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini and Midjourney to create new content in all kinds of fields and in their personal lives. Simply type a description of what you are trying to say or accomplish at a prompt, and Generative AI will provide the content for you in seconds.

There is also Predictive AI, which uses machine learning to uncover patterns and analyze data to make decisions and predictions. Predictive AI is more common in the business world and is a powerful tool that presents many new opportunities for organizations, including Apple Federal Credit Union.

Keeping your financial information safe and secure is a top priority for Apple FCU. As Apple's chief information officer, I am continuously mindful about how to protect our members' data.

We are ensuring that Apple is using machine learning in safe and responsible ways to deliver better products and enhance our robust digital security. It's important to understand how your credit union is keeping you secure, so I'd like to tell you more about how Apple is using AI to benefit our members.

Robust Security

Across the financial industry, bad actors are attempting new and increasingly sophisticated ways to commit fraud.

Traditional malware-detection programs can take months to identify a zero-day exploit. They look only those malware signatures that are known and not brand-new threats. That is like driving Interstate 495 while only looking through your rearview mirror — it just doesn't work in the world we now live in.

At Apple, we use machine learning to analyze patterns and monitor our members' security and data in real time. We are detecting threats as they happen to stop the bad guys in their tracks, all while adhering to the highest standards to ensure technology is used ethically and responsibly.

Everything we do reflects our corporate mission, where member trust is our number one priority. AI is one tool in our security toolbox that helps protect your money and keep your trust.

Enhanced Experiences

Apple members want to bank on their own terms, with the ability to execute transactions anytime, anywhere.

In the coming weeks, Apple will unveil a new virtual chatbot to help members online. Her name is Ava (the Apple Virtual Assistant). Ava is another way we are providing a more personalized experience for members, as she can answer questions within seconds, using machine learning and natural language processing to provide around-the-clock support and assistance.

AI helps our credit union better understand what our members need, both today and in the future. As an example, we are using machine learning to review information about potential loan seekers that, in the past, would have taken days to analyze. Today, this task takes only minutes.

Apple strives to provide the products and services that are right for you and your family. No two members are the same, and we will always do what's best for your situation.

Decision Making

Taking care of members goes beyond what we offer today. It also requires our credit union to think about the future.

By using predictive AI and machine learning, we can better identify market trends, assess risks and make informed decisions that benefit our members and our credit union. Using AI safely and responsibly can help us make financial services more accessible, efficient and secure for all. Better decision-making, while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance, enables Apple to innovate and meet our members' future needs.

Our purpose at Apple Federal Credit Union is to improve lives and fulfill the dreams of our members. That means providing peace of mind — you should know that your credit union is looking out for your needs while keeping your data safe and secure.

AI helps in fulfilling our unwavering commitment to member satisfaction and trust. Thank you for being a member of Apple Federal Credit Union.

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