Fee Description Amount
FREE Services
Androidâ„¢, iPad® and iPhone® Apps FREE
Bill Pay FREE
eStatements & eNotices FREE
Incoming Wires FREE
Medallion Signature Guarantee FREE
Mobile Deposits FREE
My Financial Life (Personal Money Manager) FREE
Notary Service FREE
Online Banking FREE
Personal Automated Teller (PAT) FREE
Visa® Debit Card FREE
Savings and Money Market Accounts
Education SuperSaver (withdrawals not for education expenses) 2% of amount withdrawn
Holiday Club Account early withdrawal $10
Inactive Account Fee (Inactive Account Fee (per month; assessed on Savings accounts with no activity (other than dividends) for 24 months and balance below $500; waived for members age 30 and younger and members with (1) other service)) $5
Summer Pay early withdrawal 1st FREE, $10 thereafter
Vacation Club Account (in excess of two (2) withdrawals per calendar year) $10
Checking Accounts
Advantage Checking (per month; waived for members who maintain combined Savings and Loan balance(s) of at least $20,000, have an active Summer Pay Account or have Direct Deposit of at least $1,000 per month) $10
Check/Bill Pay Payment Overdraft Privilege (Paid Non-Sufficient Funds) $29*
Checking account with a balance below $500 and no activity (other than dividends for one (1) year (per month)) $2
Copy of Check (per check copy; print in Online Banking for FREE) $2
Copy of Statement (per statement; print in Online Banking for FREE) $2
Returned Deposit Item (waived if primary/joint owner are not on the account on which the check is written) $15
Stop Payment (on one (1) check or a series of checks) $20
Stop Payment on Official Teller Check (waived if check is mailed to you and not received in 10 days) $20
Teller Checks (monthly) 2 FREE, $3 for each additional
Returned Loan Payment (waived if primary/joint owner are not on the account on which the check is written) $15
Skip-A-Pay (per loan) $25
Title Administration $25
Funds Transfer
ACH Origination (one-time) $5
ACH Overdraft Privilege (Paid Non-Sufficient Funds) $29*
ACH Stop Payment $20
Payment by Debit or Credit Card (one time) $12
Rush Delivery - Bill Pay Check $14.95
Rush Delivery - Electronic Bill Pay $9.95
Wire Transfer (Domestic) $20
Wire Transfer (International) $50
ATM Card/Visa Card
Debit/ATM Card Overdraft Privilege (Paid Non-Sufficient Funds) $29*
Design Your Own Card (Credit) 1st FREE, $9.99 thereafter
Replacement of Lost or Stolen ATM Card $5
Replacement of Lost or Stolen Check Card $5
Replacement of Lost or Stolen Credit Card $5
Visa Credit Card Statement Copy (per month) $5
Xpress Yourself Debit Card (custom card) 1st FREE, $9.99 thereafter
Safe Deposit Box (Annual Rental)
10 X 10 $125
3 X 10 $65
3 X 5 $35
5 X 10 $90
5 X 5 $50
7 X 10 $115
Other Services
Bad Address (monthly; waived for the first 30 days and for members with total balance(s) of at least $5,000) $5
CO-OP ATM Deposit Discrepancies $2
CO-OP ATM Returned Check Deposits  $6
Foreign Check Collection Processing Fee $25
Garnishment Fee (assessed to any account subject to a new garnishment, attachment or levy) $50
Non-Apple ATM withdrawal (waived for members with Advantage or Investors Checking) $1.50
Overnight Delivery Fee $31.25
Research Fee $5 per 20 minutes
Shared Branch Transactions (waived for members with Advantage or Investors Checking) $3
Verification of Deposit (by third-parties, such as mortgage companies, when not for HUD/Section 8 housing) $25
Visa Reloadable Card (activation) $7.95
Visa® Gift Card (activation) $3.50

* Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means. Checking account can’t remain negative for more than 30 days or Checking account balance must be made positive every 30 days.