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Cashing Your Paycheck with Apple is Easy

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our members at the branches. But we know you don’t always have time to stop by to deposit checks. And while our App’s Mobile Deposit is fast, your payroll check may be subject to holds since it’s treated like any other.

With Apple FCU Direct Deposit, you access your hard-earned pay without adding to your to-do list, and you’ll have your funds up to 2 days* before your "payday" – no cost and no catch. There are no enrollment forms, fees or service charges** for this early pay feature. It’s just our way of doing right by our members.

Simply contact your Human Resources team and complete their direct deposit request form with Apple’s Routing Number – 256078514 – and your MICR Account Number (see FAQ section below). We’ll take care of the rest when your payroll is received.

Direct Deposit Benefits

Direct Deposit Two Days Early

Direct Deposit Up to Two Days Early*

Premium Dividends**

Premium Dividends**

Loan Payments via Payroll Deductions

Loan Payments via Payroll Deductions

Discounts on Select Loans

Discounts on
Select Loans

Direct Deposit reduces the risk of loss or theft.

No more worrying about your paycheck getting lost or stolen. Direct Deposit gets your money from your employer to your Apple FCU account with no hassle or hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click the appropriate account for your Direct Deposit/electronic transfer
  3. Click Account Details to view your MICR number


No. Early pay is a free benefit available to Apple members.

No. We're simply depositing your payroll earlier than payday. There are no fees, service charges** or interest rates applied.

All you need to do is set up direct deposit with your employer. You will need to provide the Apple FCU Routing Number ‐ 256078514 ‐ and the MICR Account Number for your Apple account you wish the funds to be added to.

*The timing of early pay Direct Deposit varies based on the payment file submission from the payee. Apple FCU may make payroll and other electronic transfers available when the payment file is received, up to two (2) business days earlier than the scheduled payment date. Please note that funds are not available for you to spend until they are reflected in the AVAILABLE BALANCE. You should not rely on early pay Direct Deposit to satisfy the needs of scheduled bill or loan payments, or any other date-sensitive financial obligations. Apple FCU is not responsible for overdraft fees resulting from transactions that occur prior to funds posting.
**Applies to Advantage Checking which requires min. $500 monthly direct deposit to avoid fee. $10 monthly fee assessed for members who fail to meet at least one of the qualifications: have a direct deposit of at least $500 per month, have an open Summer Pay account, or maintain combined Savings and Loan balances of at least $20,000.
1Some institutions may impose a surcharge. Up to $10 worth of Surcharge fees refunded per month.