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Prevention From Fraud Payments

Prevention From Fraud Payments

Protect Your Business with Positive Pay

Fraud and identity theft can happen to anyone – even businesses – at any time.

Safeguarding your accounts against evolving threats is essential. Apple FCU is here to help you confidently navigate the financial landscape and make sure your small business remains resilient.

Account Features

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Speed and convenience

Speed and Convenience

Reduce unauthorized transactions

Reduce Unauthorized Transactions

Faster processing time

Faster Processing Time

Reconcile accounts quickly

Reconcile Accounts Quickly

Positive Pay

Protecting your business's financial integrity not only preserves your hard-earned resources but also upholds your reputation and the trust of your clients, partners and stakeholders. Apple FCU's Positive Pay program helps you fortify your accounts against unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions.

Positive Pay uses a list of previously authorized checks and ACH information issued by a company to cross-reference transactions. If specific components of the check or ACH do not exactly match, the transaction will be flagged, and your company will be notified.

With its real-time validation and cross-referencing capabilities, Positive Pay ensures that only authorized checks are honored by Apple FCU, effectively thwarting potential threats. By mitigating the risk of fraudulent transactions, you safeguard your business's reputation, finances and peace of mind.

How Check Positive Pay Works

  • Create an online file with each checks issue date, serial number and dollar amount.
  • Apple FCU will verify the checks and notify you if any records do not match.
  • You can return any mismatched items or choose to pay an exception.

How ACH Positive Pay Works

  • Create a whitelist of companies that are APPROVED to debit your account.
  • Apple FCU will notify you if an unapproved company debits your account.
  • You can return the item, add the company to your whitelist or make an exception to pay the item.

To learn more or sign up for Positive Pay, meet with a Treasury Management Specialist today. Call 703-788-4800 or email us at [email protected]. to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fraud does not discriminate. All businesses are candidates for payment fraud. Positive Pay is a fraud prevention solution that provides a great defense against counterfeiting. It is easy to use and can save you time and money by reducing the potential for fraud.

Check Positive Pay will match checks issued by a company with checks it presents for payment. If the checks do not match, then you will be notified. ACH Positive Pay will check the companies approved to debit your account. If an unapproved company tries to debit your account, you will be notified.

To sign up for Positive Pay, call 703-788-4800 or email us at [email protected] to speak with a Commercial Services Cash Management Specialist.