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Summer Pay Savings FAQ

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Summer Pay Savings FAQ

Q. Can I have more than one Summer Pay account?
A. Only one Summer Pay account is permitted per member number.

Q. Why is the contribution period limited to August through June?
A. Because the intent of the product is to provide income during the summer months, monies are saved only during the school year for this purpose. This also accommodates those individuals in contracts that are less than 12 months in duration.

Q. If I have an emergency, is it possible to access the money saved in my Summer Pay account?
A. Yes. Your first withdrawal from the account is FREE. Subsequent early withdrawals can be made and will result in a $10 fee for each instance.

Q. Why do I have to provide an email address?
A. All communications regarding this account – including disclosures, contribution start/cease dates and distributions dates – are transmitted via email so that you’re constantly aware of your account standing.

Q. Am I able to enroll online?
A. Yes, simply complete the Summer Pay Enrollment form. The Summer Pay enrollment is for members only. There’s also a helpful calculator if you’re unsure how much you should save.

Q. Am I required to notify my school district’s Payroll Department if I open a Summer Pay account at Apple?
A. No, the account is managed solely by Apple FCU. Your school district is in no way affiliated with this Apple FCU account.