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How to setup external transfers

With a few mouse clicks you can easily setup External Transfers to link your account at another financial institution to your Apple Federal Credit Union account.

  1. Click the Move Money option, then External Transfer


  2. Click the grey Add Account button in the top right corner of the Schedule a Transfer panel.

  3. Follow the onscreen prompts.
    • Within three (3) business days of completing these steps, we will process a “trial deposit” (less than $1) into the external account you added, then withdraw it. 
  4. You must review your external account to confirm that the trial deposit was processed. To verify these transactions, login to Online Banking, click Move Money (then External Transfers > Manage Accounts > gearwheel of account), then Verify Payee
    • You have 30 business days to verify your account or your request is deleted. 
  5. Upon verification, your external account will become active and you may schedule future transfers.