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Money Saving Minimalist Dorm Essentials

Living in a cluttered dorm room can feel claustrophobic at times– especially with all the clothing, gear, and school supplies. Consider a minimalist approach to help your student create a low-key, low-fuss dorm room which is attractive, functional and relaxing.

The purpose is to keep their environment as distraction and obstruction free as possible; however, your student doesn't have to sacrifice style and personality. Add pops of color with bedding, storage containers and artwork.

Consider moving in with just these dorm room essentials. It will help you keep spending to a minimum, while allowing your student to design a clutter free room that expresses their style.

Better Bedding
If your daughter wants to put her own stamp on her space, the easiest way to do that quickly is with colorful bedding. Don't go overboard though, all you really need are a set of sheets, an all-weather comforter, mattress protector and pillow.

Terrific Towels
You'll want to send him off to school with a towel set that can take plenty of abuse, dry quickly and hold up to multiple washings. If he cares, let him choose the color.

Wake-Up Call
Late-night study sessions can make it tough to get up for early classes, don't forget an alarm clock. From tech-savvy to eco-friendly, your student can choose a style that works for them.

Hydration Help
He can avoid buying bottled water and help the environment at the same time with a reusable water bottle. Look for one with a built-in water filter for removing chlorine from tap water so hydration is never an issue.

If he's counting on caffeine to get him through the long days, your student will appreciate a sturdy travel mug. With a variety of styles to choose from his biggest problem will be keeping the cup full.

Morning Boost
She won't have to run to the local café for her morning coffee with a versatile single-serve countertop coffee machine.

Cool Tunes
Grab a great pair of ear buds and your student will be able to listen to music, podcasts or simply block out their obnoxious roommate.

Power Cleaner Keeping tight quarters clean is important when living in a dorm room (and with a roommate!). Grab a handheld vacuum that works on surfaces including bare floors and carpets.

Remember, dorm rooms are small. Keep in mind that many college graduates end up tossing furniture and cliché or cheap decorations after graduation.

Until your students is at school for a few weeks, it's best to stick to the essentials. After that, you'll have a better idea exactly what additional items your student may need to survive college life.

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